• BH Fitness Luxor Treadmill

The BH Fitness Luxor Treadmill is driven with the help of a 3.5 HP continuous motor whose maximum speed limit is 19 kmph. This folding type treadmill has special features such as Soft Drop System, that prevents back injuries and elastomers shock absorbing system that prevents muscle and joints injuries. It is easy to use and is highly attracted for its transportable facility.

  • SDS (Soft Drop System)-A safety system that prevents back injuries
  • 6 elastomers shock absorbing system- Prevents muscle and joints injuries.
  • Body Fat test- Helps to control de figure
  • Designed for intensive use at home- High-performance for heavy use at home
  • 3.5 HP motor (peak)- Provides a quiet yet powerful speed between 0,8 and 19 km/h
  • Electric incline up to 12%- Allows significant variation in intensity of the exercise at any speed. Helps to put your leg and back muscles under load for a through workout
  • LED electronic monitor with 5 pre-set programs and 5 different levels- Challenging programs to help you meet your goals
  • Heart Rate Control Program- Allows cardiovascular zones to be targetted during the workout. Automatically controls workout intensity to maintain effort at chosen pulse limits
  • Wireless pulse measurement.
  • Chest belt included-Provides the most accurate pulse rate measurement
  • Ambilight effect-Helps to create an ambient atmosphere
  • Wheels for transportation- Easy to move in the house
  • Elastomer cushioning system enhanced by PCS and Elastboard technologies-Prevents muscle and joints injuries
  • Safety key / auto stop- Security during and after running
  • Contact pulse measurement system-Provides targets for advance training
  • Running belt XXL: 135cm / 53” x 51cm / 20”
  • Maximum user weight: 130Kg / 287 lbs.
  • Measures Folded: L 120cm / 47”. W 93cm / 37”. H 150cm / 59”.
  • Length: 190cm / 75”
  • Width: 93cm / 37”
  • Height: 133cm / 52”
  • Weight: 91Kg / 201 lbs.

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BH Fitness Luxor Treadmill

  • Brand: BH Fitness
  • Product Code: Luxor Treadmill
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $2,269.00

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